Is Furnace Leaking Water Dangerous? Furnace Leaking Reasons & How to Fix It

Having a heated home is essential at times of extreme winters and snowstorms. Canadians know the value of having a heated furnace fully working when necessary; however, having a faulty appliance can be quite frustrating. One issue they may present with furnaces is water-leaking – when that occurs, many homeowners wonder how dangerous it is and how they can fix this problem.
Is Furnace Leaking Water Dangerous?

Yes, Water leaking from a furnace is extremely dangerous due to the risk of electrocution it imposes. When witnessing this incident, homeowners must immediately turn their furnace off, clean the water and contact a professional contractor to deal with any necessary repairs.
Why is my furnace leaking water? Top 4 Reasons of furnace leaking water

A furnace leaking water can happen during any weather condition and for a number of reasons. Whether the furnace is leaking water on the summer or winter, it can be due to condensation, a faulty humidifier or an overflowed pipe.

There are a number of causes that can make a furnace show signs of damage and have water leaking as a result. Here are some of the reasons for water leaking from furnaces that homeowners should pay attention to:
1.Condensation Leak

This is a very common reason for water leaking in furnaces. Highly efficient furnaces have a cool exhaust that produces a lot of condensation that leads to a floor drain , or to water dripping from the furnace.

Different parts of the furnace can produce condensation and cause leaks:
Drain hose

The drain hose of a furnace can easily clog due to excess dirt or dust in its draining tube, resulting in damage or disconnection and, eventually, causing water to come out of the furnace.
Drain line

In furnaces, water flows through a drain line that, if ever clogged, disconnected or damaged with cracks and holes, can cause water leaking.
Condensate trap

Condensate traps in furnaces are also subject to clogging. When condensate traps get clogged, water can overflow and leak from the furnace.
Condensate pump

Water drains to condensate pumps, and these parts can easily clog when the drain is blocked. A faulty pump can cause water to back up and leak from the furnace; in this situation, a professional will need to replace the furnace completely. Most pumps last between 3 to 5 years, and after this time period, it tends to clog often.

  1. Faulty Heat Exchanger

Apart from condensation, heat exchangers in a furnace can also cause water leaking. When the heat exchanger captures heat for a home and the gases cool down, they eventually condense to liquid form. Furnaces that leak due to heat exchanger often require a full replacement.

  1. Furnace Humidifier Leak

A humidifier can easily leak inside a furnace, and a professional HVAC specialist can look into it when checking for any furnace leaks. Humidifiers sustain a lot of liquid; therefore, leaking can be expected from them. A technician can alert homeowners of a leaking issue caused by humidifiers very early on and easily solve the problem.

  1. Drain System Clog

A system clog often happens when an air conditioning shares the drain system with a furnace, and a clogging issue sends water to the furnace, resulting in leaks.
How to Fix Leaking Water from Furnace?

Water leaks in furnaces are a huge, dangerous issue and can cause serious accidents. The best way to fix water leaking from furnaces is by contacting a heating and cooling specialist like ALP Heating– they will be capable of quickly assessing and diagnosing what is causing the water leak on your furnace and fix it right away in the safest way possible.

However, you can fix leaking water from furnace if you keep furnace in good condition. It will also help you from causing other furnace problems.

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