When You Should Hire Professionals For Air Vent & Duct Cleaning

Clean air in your home is essential and promotes good health. The air ducts in your house harbor millions of particles of dust, pollen, hair, spider webs and other allergens. Cleaning your air vents and ducts will make the HVAC system work better, and it will also be convenient when it comes to saving heating and air conditioning costs. You can clean them yourself when the situation is not dire, but in most cases, it is advisable to call an air vent & duct cleaning service because they will no doubt do a better job.

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), homeowners should do air duct cleaning every 3 to 5 years. The buildup of mold and other pollutants can cause an allergic reaction and jeopardize the health of your family. When it comes to air vents, you should clean them more frequently and also change air filters as manufacturers recommend.

DIY Home Vent & Duct Cleaning Tips

For one reason or another, you might decide to do the job yourself. When this is the case, you will need to understand that you will have to call the professionals to do a thorough job at some point. However, if you decide to go the DIY way, here are a few tips to keep in mind for a successful home vent / duct cleaning.

Air duct cleaning is not an easy job if you are doing it yourself. You will need tools like a high-powered vacuum and rotary brushes, which, unless you are the prepared homeowner, you most likely don’t own. You will also need to understand that your air ducts could get damaged when the cleaning is not correctly done, and you might incur expensive repair costs.
You might need the following when doing this service yourself:

High-powered vacuum
Cleaning brush

How to Clean Air Ducts and Vents at Home

Turn off the heating and air-conditioning system power.
Remove the air duct covers, vents or grilles from the walls by unscrewing them. You can then use your brush to give the grates a cleaning. You might need soap and water to clean them if they look very grimy and dusty.
You can then vacuum the ducts as much as possible, and this is where your heavy-duty vacuum comes in. Keep in mind that the regular household vacuum is not powerful enough, and you might need to rent this high-powered vacuum. Most of these vacuums have long hoses that can reach deep into the ducts and remove any mold and mildew accumulated inside.
Clean the vents in your ceiling using your broom, especially if you can't get to them with the vacuum. Wear a dust mask to protect yourself if your ducts haven't been cleaned in a long time.

When to Bring in The Professionals

Most of air duct cleaning companies have the high-tech cleaning equipment to carry out a whole house vent cleaning. When it has been too long since your air vents and ducts were cleaned and you feel you can’t do stellar work, rather than risk damaging your ductwork system and making it less efficient, call in the professionals who will always do a quality job.
Pros of Professional Vent Cleaning

Air vent cleaning is usually included in more wide service – air duct cleaning. Here are advantages associated with getting professional services, and they are as follows:
Stellar Work

For your air ducts to be thoroughly cleaned, you will need the right cleaning supplies and tools that most professionals have at their disposal. There is no doubt that all the allergens, dust, grime, and dirt from your air ducts will be no more with such equipment and supplies. The air quality of your home will improve.
A Preserved HVAC System

The professionals will focus on your vents, ducts, and they will also inspect your whole HVAC system. You will avoid costly repairs and maintenance in the future if you have people who know what they are doing cleaning your ducts. As they ensure that your air ducts are spotless, they will also inspect the filters, fans, and compressors and recommend any changes or repairs where necessary.
Save money

Paying a professional might seem costly initially, but you will realize just how much you saved after some time. With the clean air ducts allowing easier airflow throughout your home, your HVAC system will be less strained when it comes to pumping air indoors. This will considerably reduce your home energy costs.
Additional Services

When you get home vent and duct cleaning services, be assured that you will get your air ducts and vents cleaned and have access to other cleaning services such as mold remediation, dryer vent cleaning, chimney sweep, carpet cleaning, professional sanitizing and disinfection etc. This will help remove sources of fire hazards and allergenic triggers in your home. Dust, dander, mold spores, and pollen within your home will be no more.

Why Should You Hire Dustless Duct?

Dustless Duct is a certified, licensed, and insured air duct cleaning company with the best professionals in the industry. We have the latest equipment and the best cleaning supplies to do a great job. In the end, we ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly.

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